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Washing My Negative Self-Talk Away

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Washing My Negative Self-Talk Away


I’ve been struggling with some pretty intense negative self-talk and self-judgment lately. 

It feels like everyone is judging me for being where I’m at in life. 

Not everyone, everyone...but anyone who has brushed shoulders with me for more than 5 seconds, in any capacity. 

That police officer who just took my report? He’s probably showing it to his buddies and laughing at me.

The domestic violence counselor? Shrugging it off and rolling her eyes. I’m not a cookie-cutter victim. 

My subscribers? Probably think I deserve it. 

Or maybe they’re just waiting till it’s all over, so I can finally talk about something else. 

I’m embarrassed. 

The words of a woman who I used to call a friend ring in my ears. 

Around this time last year, she told me that my Art, my world travels, the books and film I published…everything I’ve ever accomplished in life ‘doesn’t matter’, never amounted to anything because it’s all led me back to this situation I’m in. 

I’m still just a rolling stone with no financial security because I didn’t settle down with a 9-5.

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