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Fuck U, Pay Me.

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Fuck U, Pay Me.

Director Nevline Nnaji smiling and holding a copy of her film, Reflections Unheard Black Women in Civil Rights

Recently, a librarian from a major University expressed interest in purchasing my film for their collections. 

Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights. The first and only of its kind.

An Institutional license for the digital version of my film is $695. A DVD is $395.

The librarian thanked me for creating this work, and told me in the same breath that they were not used to paying these prices. It’s out of their budget. 

They’re used to paying just $500 for both a Digital License and a DVD. Together.

Now I’ve been selling my film to hundreds of schools for 10 years. 

Damn near every major library in the Anglophone world has a copy. I have to scrape to find the ones that don’t. 

I can count the number of people on one hand, who have complained about my prices. 

And it just so happened, that this man was one of them. 

Talking to me like I don’t know my own business.

Listen. I know there are some companies who offer bargain deals on films that look like mine…

But my film is not those films, and I am not those companies. 

I nestle my film on the upper range of pricing, for good reason. 

And I’m aware that my price is still standard within this market. It is not over-priced. It’s right on the nose. I am confident in what I charge. 

He was lowballing me.

And he was barking up the wrong tree. 

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