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Replay: Community Discussion on my Film, Black Women's Voices, Censorship, & More


I’m so happy to share that our community discussion of Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights was a fruitful success! We held space for a diverse group of women of all ages and backgrounds! 

Our group was mostly comprised of young black women & creatives in our 20s and 30’s, and two older white women, one of whom who has lived through the civil rights movement. All of our voices harmonized to bring forth a vibrant and interesting discussion. The full replay is available for paid subscribers to my blog, and ticket-holders to the event. 

Some topics we talked about included:

  • Community Introductions: What brings each participant to the discussion space. 

  • Film Visibility: How I get Reflections Unheard ‘out there’ in the world, where and how it has gained traction, and the spaces it deserves to occupy within Institutions, Theaters, Television, etc. Why the film is not more mainstream, despite being a high-quality work.  

  • Film Content: Questions and Discussion around interviews and archival footage included in the film of women in the 60’s and 70’s, and how it resonated. 

  • Censorship: Challenges around Cancel Culture, and the Silencing of women’s voices in America around gender-critical issues and woke culture.

  • Black Womanhood: Specific challenges of being an outspoken black women and lesbian in our current society. Concepts of Eurocentric femininity as they apply to black women. 

  • Gender Ideology and Race: The origins of Trans ideology in white, middle class communities. How black women are influenced and/or impacted.

  • Lesbian Feminism: Lesbian inclusion in black feminist movements and how this topic is presented in Reflections Unheard.

  • Old-School vs. Modern activism: Boots on the ground activism vs. the digital age: What does activism look like for women today? What are the strengths and weaknesses of technology in the modern-day feminist movement? 

  • Community Building: The need for women (especially those of us whose marginalization is compounded due to race, sexuality, and/or gender-critical thought) to find community to help us care for ourselves and each other; how prohibition of women-only spaces makes this more difficult.

This discussion reminded me of the Sapphic WOC Space I created in collaboration with the LGB Alliance last year! 

I am inspired to host some virtual salons for that are designed for black women, and I’d love to host more discussions in the future to offer space for my female subscribers to discuss select blog posts I’ve published.

I think many women (myself included) would love to have a community space where we can speak freely about our ideas and experiences.

More to come ✨

For now, I hope you enjoy the discussion, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Thank you to all of those who watched the film and participated! 🌺

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