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Trans Wokeism = Violent Men in Women's Prisons.

An Import from my cancelled Instagram profile.

2022 was the year I vowed to be more open about my views on gender ideology. It was literally my New Years Resolution, along with maintaining a daily stretching practice. I wanted to liberate myself from a long held silence.

It’s not that I had never been open about my views on this topic-I certainly have, many years before this whole trend blew up (which I will get into in another post).

But, I had since gone into hiding, to protect myself from the woke mob, while I built my strength and courage through years of personal research on gender ideology, and listening to various perspectives with an open mind. When I witnessed other women bravely speak up, I knew I wanted that freedom for myself.

Hiding in the shadows just wasn’t me.

I clearly remember the day that I watched an interview with Amie Ichikawa, the founder of Woman ii Woman. She was detailing the abuses that are happening in women’s prisons, as a result of new laws which allow male prisoners to identify their way into women’s jail cells. It led me to do my own research.

I read about the case of Tomiekia Johnson, a black female prisoner who received a life sentence for killing her abusive husband in self-defense; a woman who was later housed with an abusive male inmate who bullied her and her other female cellmates, each day.

I learned about women who were being raped and impregnated by their male bunkies.

Women who struggled or were coerced into selling their bodies to prison guards in order to receive menstrual products, while men who identify as women receive easy access to “gender-affirming” products, like makeup. They also received other special privileges, such as having their choice of cellmates in women’s prisons.

I read these women’s letters. I felt their pain. I felt their fear. I was deeply disturbed and angry. That was the day I decided to speak up. I didn’t care anymore.

These slides were the first post I created on my suspended Instagram account, @n3vlynnn, where I spoke openly and honestly about my views on gender ideology.

Prior to this post, I had written one other blog post, detailing how I was targeted for creating women’s spaces through my wellness brand, Haus of Isis, and how my space is unequivocally for women-only. That post got a few people mad.

But, this post on trans-identifying males in women’s prisons was seething with raw energy, and I knew for sure it would start a fire. And it did. It was scary to walk through that fire, but I haven’t looked back ever since.

In the Spring of 2022, I created a total of 3 Instagram posts, highlighting the harms of Gender Ideology.

The other writings and posts I’ve created on Instagram have all been through my stories, which I no longer have access to.

However, I’m thankful to have copies of the original slides I’ve created for those 3 posts. I will be re-platforming those posts here.

Should I regain access to my Instagram account, I will save all of my prior discussions, postings, and arguments that I previously posted in my Stories within the past year, and selectively re-post them here.

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