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The Colonialism of Trans Ideology & How it Impacts Black & Brown Women

A post from my suspended Instagram profile

This was the 2nd Instagram post I created last Spring, which outlined the colonialism inherent in queer/trans ideology. If and when I am able to retrieve the mini-essay I originally wrote to accompany this post, I will share it here.

For now, I want to mention that there were plenty of folks who argued against this post, saying that the creators of “queer” ideology were lesbians, or that ancient Africans didn’t know how to differentiate between male and female—as if black people were all just naïve little children who hadn’t learned about the birds and the bees until Whitey came along to give them “the talk”.

In fact, I’ve repeatedly been recommended, “The Invention of a Woman” as suggested reading. As if this oh-so-inaccessibly-written book by a Nigerian female academic is the ultimate authoritative text that I finally need to buy into the idea that Africans (in all of their spiritual and cultural diversity) revered some sort of androgynous spirituality, and that nobody knew the difference between a man and a woman.

They would like us to believe that, along with slave ships and religion, De White Man also introduced the false, oppressive concept that two sexes exist-and they used it to enslave our minds, strip us from our names and identities, and brutalize us.

Woke white folks use this as a way to weaponize our trauma from racism against us, to make us believe that gender ideology is a first-class ticket to return to our roots.

They use indoctrinated black people as a shield to hide behind, when they feel ill-equipped to look us in the eye, speak directly to our lived experience, and audaciously assert how queer ideology heals our communities.

Instead, they use black academics and wokies as puppets to evangelize gender ideology within their own community. To spread the word that “queer, trans, and nonbinary” people have always existed, and that everyone else is “cis” when it’s clear that these words and concepts (and all language, pronouns, and concepts within queer culture) were created by and for elite white academics.

I mean honestly-just say these words out loud. Think of what they mean. If you search long enough, and question their foundation, you’ll see they are totally meaningless. They are intentionally designed to shift, confuse, and obfuscate reality.

These words were not born from black consciousness, and most people-regardless of race- didn’t grow up using them. I have always questioned why I should suddenly make room within my brain and body for new words and concepts within a colonizer’s language, that are being forced upon me to redefine my existence, and my relationship to the world.

Whereas much of African history has either been erased, distorted, or passed down through generations of oral tradition…gender ideology is a very modern, well-documented concept and can easily be traced back to the wealthy white pedophilic men who birthed it-John Money and Volkmar Sigusch.

We’re finally going home, y’all! Cutting off our healthy, natural body parts and denying reality will bring us closer to the heritage that was once stripped from us!

I guess these people believe that if gender ideology is dressed up in Kente Cloth, I won’t see what’s behind the fabric.


A lot of the claims that gender ideology is precolonial, are rooted in cultural appropriation and misunderstanding. The mass touting of two-spirit and 3rd gender identities by the queer community is one of the biggest examples of this, and there is a growing amount of information detailing this distorted perception of indigenous culture.

Have homosexuals and “gender non-conforming” humans always existed (even when we didn’t have a word for it)? Yes. Homosexual behavior is found in plenty of mammals, including human beings. It’s a natural part of human diversity.

However, the idea of being born in the ‘wrong’ body, mental illnesses such as “gender dysphoria”, and the desire to surgically remove healthy body parts through methods which are only survivable through modern medicine—are social and cultural phenomena born from the Western (white) world.

The multitude of new gender identities and concepts, and the ever-shifting language that is used to name these phenomena-are also born from the Western world. The concept of “acting” or “feeling” like a man or a woman-is born from gender stereotypes that are specific to our culture and society.

The fact that gender ideology sometimes wears a black or brown face, does not change its source. It only means that another has bled into our communities and is slowly influencing masses of people who are ill-equipped to handle the fallout from being brainwashed and coerced into a way of life that was never made for them.